Active leisure

Ancient walls of Genoa fortress

On the rocky coast of the Dniester Lake the ancient Genoese have built the Akkerman fortress – fortification of incredible proportions. This historical monument is already 8 centuries old but its stone walls heated by the sun still greet the guests with its warmth. You will get an opportunity to take a walk over the three yards and the walls of the fortress, to visit underground museums, to see excavation of the ancient city of Tyr, and also to buy remembrances made by the local craftsmen and to take unusual photos.

History of Shabo grape-vine

In the Center of wine culture called “Shabo” you will get to know how the winemaking colony has appeared in this region, you will see the stages and methods of stiff drinks making, descend into the wine cellars and even taste different kinds of wine.

Vilkovo – Ukrainian Venice

Vilkovo is a town located on the coast of the Dunay River, where it flows into the Black Sea, in close proximity to the Dunay biosphere reserve. You can travel the old part of this town only by the boat through the numerous channels, which the local citizens call “erics” (shallow channels), along the houses, made of reeds, and duckboards. We offer you to visit settlements of old believers and to taste famous local fish soup!

To the pearl of the Black Sea

Is there anyone who has not heard a lot about Odessa local flavor, famous all over the world? You will get an opportunity to feel it by yourself! Elegant architecture of Odessa Opera House, shady avenues of Primorskiy Boulevard, famous steps of Potemkin stairs and Mother’s-in-law Bridge – these and a lot of other interesting places you will be able to see during excursion over the famous hero-city.

Odessa dolphinarium

Dolphins are able to distinguish different tastes and to remember proper nouns; they have been praised by early Greeks and have been described in tractates of Roman philosophers. But the most amazing difference of dolphins from other wild animals is that dolphins adore playing and communicating with people. Don’t you believe? Than visit a dolphin performance in Odessa dolphinarium “Nemo”!

Miracle-working spring of Ivan Suchavskiy

This place, named by orthodox saint, is steeped in legends that the guide will be glad to tell you during the excursion. Water from this spring is considered to be healing: you can drink it (and take a bottle for future) or bathe in it. You will get unforgettable impressions!